About Us

A global information services company providing data, research, software, services and intelligent tools to clients in a range of industries.

What Makes Us Different

Expertise, that has accrued and been renewed over time:

We have been acquiring and building on our knowledge of industry for more than 175 years.

We regularly evaluate and adapt how we deliver and apply our expertise through new service models, new technologies, and new workflow solutions.

We hire, train and develop professionals and cultivate deep experience in the industries we serve.

Absolute accuracy,
no matter the complexity:

“We have to be right” - because our customers are expert professionals that have to be right.

Our solutions are built on the foundation of tested processes that remove the potential for error.
We like tough puzzles - we are happiest when we are solving our customers’ toughest challenges.

Deep-seated curiosity
grounded by intellectual humility:

There is always more to know and we have that deep seated curiosity and intellectual humility required for continued learning and evolution.

We convene the experts in each field to mine their insight, which we incorporate into our solutions.

We ask customers about their most difficult challenges, and then methodically go about solving for them.

True understanding
and a serious commitment:

We understand what is at stake for our customers. We take every contribution to their work very seriously.

Our approach leverages both the science and soul of anthropology; we study our customers so that what we deliver solutions that fit seamlessly into the way they work and live.

We want to be an essential business partner-it’s our job to help our clients get it right.