Working Here

We are global leaders, trusted by customers in a range of industries to deliver our solutions with exceptional client service.

Why Work At Wolters Kluwer?

Wolters Kluwer employees working in conference room
This is an exciting time to be part of Wolters Kluwer. Our strategy for years to come relies on smart, business-savvy, innovative, creative and courageous professionals. Our integrated solutions help professionals make critical decisions with confidence. We are a truly global company. We have offices in more than 40 countries and our geographic footprint continues to expand into emerging markets in Brazil, India, Russia, and China.

We have a need for talented professionals looking to contribute their expertise, expand their influence, and manage their careers to meet personal aspiration. We offer opportunities across different industries, geographies, and functions. Explore our corporate website. Learn more about our leaders, the businesses, products, services, customers, and the colleagues with whom you will collaborate to achieve success. The time is now. You belong at Wolters Kluwer.
What Our People Say
"We ask our customers their most difficult challenges, and then methodically go about solving for them."
"No matter the industry, what you do matters."
"You have to be smart on a number of different levels - you’ve got to have deep customer understanding; you have to be smart in technology and you have to be able to bring all of it together in a way that makes a difference to the expert professional."
"We take large amounts of content and data and make it actionable at the critical moments when it is needed."
"We have an opportunity to be a part of an exciting transformation -both in our own company and in the industries we support."
"Our product delivery channels are changing: less print, more software, more mobile solutions."
"We encourage mobility within the company-across geographies, businesses, roles and divisions."
"The environment at Wolters Kluwer encourages you to take on challenging assignments."
"Many employees were once customers. We bring them on board to keep us grounded and on point. And we give them a platform to impact the industries they serve in a more profound way."
"We invest in knowing our customers - their work, their needs. We engage the customer through research, service, individual collaboration or involvement in product development. Our goal is to help real people solve real problems."
"We don’t shy away from complexity; we love solving problems. We see the reward for solving a tough challenge as the opportunity to pick your next one."
"We value expertise and provide access to people across the enterprise."
"We know there is always more to know."
"We convene the experts in each field to mine their insight, which we incorporate into our solutions."
"We understand what is at stake for our customers, and we take even the smallest contribution to their work very seriously."