Wolters Kluwer stands in support of Ukraine and welcomes candidates who have been displaced by the war. We have career opportunities across a wide variety of technology roles, with centers in Poland and Romania along with other open positions throughout the EU, and will work with candidates to fast-track the recruitment process and provide support for the resettlement of them and their families as part of the onboarding process. Wolters Kluwer is a company that values the diversity of backgrounds and experiences of colleagues around the world.

What do we offer to Ukraine refugees? 

We offer a fast-track recruitment process to determine within a week if our career opportunity matches your aspirations. 

We also realize that finding a new career opportunity meets only part of the needs that you may have in these very challenging times, so we also want to help ensure you and your loved ones can settle into your new circumstances in the best possible way.

When you join our company, you will be asked to complete a brief needs-based assessment that will allow us to provide a wide range of support to help get your Wolters Kluwer career off to a successful start.

Our support package includes: 

  • Welcome Bonus: 1 month’s gross salary, which will be paid within a few days of the start date.
  • Settlement Support: If required, we can help provide support for the practical issues associated with living in a new place. Some examples of services that can be arranged include finding housing, finding schools for children, setting up a bank account, help with local language, etc.
  • Immigration support: If required, we will provide services to ensure your ongoing work eligibility. 
  • Lease Deposit: If required, we will pay for your lease deposit (including any brokerage fees). 
  • Buddy Program: You will be connected to a local colleague who will provide support and advise with your settlement in a new country.    
  • Longer-Term Visa and Immigration: If required, we will provide for process support and fees. 
  • Support to move back to your home country: If desired, we can provide support to move back to your home country at a later date provided you are employed by Wolters Kluwer. 
  • Orientation and access to our Employee Assistance Program: Includes a variety of resources to help support you and your family.

Available opportunities

Visit  Careers at Wolters Kluwer  to see available jobs.

Read about people who’ve made the move already

Svitlana Lukashuk, QA Engineer

Svitlana has worked for Wolters Kluwer, in our Twinfield online accounting business, for more than 10 years, originally in the Kyiv office. In March Svitlana decided to move with her daughter to the Netherlands, while her husband has stayed in Kyiv to support the defence of their country.

She currently lives and works in Putten, a town in the province of Gelderland, Netherlands, in a community with four other Ukrainian families.

Svitlana spent three days travelling to reach the Netherlands, on foot, by car and by plane. She says people from Wolters Kluwer helped her navigate her way through several countries and she is so grateful for the help she received, especially as many of them did not know her personally. Svitlana says:

“When I first arrived I was warmly welcomed in the Netherlands by my colleagues; they provided essential support and helped me with everything, from finding somewhere to live, to helping with airport transfers to the new home, prepared all the things I needed for a comfortable stay, even providing toys for my daughter”.

The help and support she’s received from colleagues has provided a big psychological boost at a very stressful time in her life. She feels like it’s a family rather than just a team, where people can work through any problems or difficulties together.

She has always been impressed with the way in which Wolters Kluwer supports its employees, for example by providing lots of opportunities to gain knowledge through internal and external events like conferences and workshops; she continues:

“What distinguishes our company from others is that we are like a big family. I’m a lucky person because I’m working in a team of friends.

We have built a star team, rather than a team of stars, and together we are building quality products, where we can share our experience and learn from each other. I feel responsibility for our product at every stage, and this is the case for all my team members”.

For Svitlana, Wolters Kluwer is a good fit for anyone who thrives in an atmosphere where you can express your thoughts and views, and feel safe and valued.